TABELL 2 In1 Coffee Maker

1.Fully automatic coffee grinder, freshly ground, mellow coffee.

2.When grinding coffee beans, the sound is about 50-60 decibels. After grinding, the coffee is silently extracted.

3.The electronic temperature control system  ensures the stability of the water
temperature. continue to maintain the coffee temperature.

4.Easy to clean


“Experience coffee perfection with the Tabell 2-in-1 Coffee Maker. This high-performance machine features a generous 1.2L capacity, allowing you to brew 8 to 10 cups of delicious coffee. With a maximum grind of 60g, it ensures a fresh and robust flavor. Enjoy hot coffee at its best, thanks to the high temperature of up to 92 degrees and a 2-hour warming function. Elevate your coffee moments with Tabell’s exceptional features and serve up the perfect cup every time.


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